What Is An OEM Part
Aug 17, 2018

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The word OEM is simply too common in computer hardware products, such as OEM optical drive, OEM display, OEM mouse or something. The basic meaning is the processing of the brand, commonly known as "branding." Specifically, the company's products have market sales channels, and limited production capacity. In order to increase production and sales, reduce the risk of new production lines, and win market time, we entrust other similar products to produce through contract ordering. The price is bought out and directly affixed to its own brand name. This kind of cooperation method of entrusting others to produce is OEM. In general, it is the brand that others provide, you come to the production, and sell his brand after the completion. For example, in the past, Taiwanese electronics companies (like BenQ and Asus started) are mostly OEMs, IBM, HP, etc. And so on, all of them are found in Taiwan, and China’s garment industry is also giving world famous OEMs.

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