Vibrating Feeder
Aug 17, 2018

Even today, some parts of the world still use manual hammer impact as a secondary material flow for centuries. Therefore, non-human-driven vibration elements are urgently needed. Pneumatic vibrators were used at the beginning of this century. A lot of work today is done by vibrators. Its main applications are emptying the hopper, material screening, concrete compaction, and sand, earth and any other powder or small particles and screws. Vibration is also applied in the electronics industry to detect contacts on printed circuit boards. It has been widely used in the industry.

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The production process is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, and the price is cheaper than the pneumatic vibrator. It only needs to be connected to the power supply when it is used. It is plug and play, and there is no air source reserve process of pneumatic vibrators.


Due to the special structure of the electric vibrator itself, its service life is much shorter than that of ordinary motors. The following defects are the causes of burnout, such as: phase loss, overload, overcurrent, high temperature, dust. Short circuits, leakage, and other faults can cause the electric vibrator to burn, causing losses, affecting production and causing safety accidents.


Pneumatic vibrators are made of many materials, including carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, bronze, stainless steel and extruded aluminum. For applications in special environments, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the housing can be made of aluminum or stainless steel. Its vibration frequency and vibration intensity can be precisely controlled by adjusting the flow rate of compressed air and air pressure (stepless adjustment). Its main advantages and uses are as follows:

1. Only compressed air is used as the power source, which consumes a small amount of air, is safe and energy-saving. It is an ideal device for use in freezing or high temperature environments, suitable for wet, dry, dusty or explosive environments.

2. Small size, few failures, easy installation and maintenance.

3. Stop or start quickly, suitable for manual or automatic systems.

4. Vibration force, vibration frequency and amplitude can be adjusted freely during exercise.

5. Wide range of applications, suitable for fatigue testing of parts or structural parts; turking, compaction of hoppers; linear and bowl feeders, sieves and screens; vibrating tables and mixing equipment.

6. Most models of pneumatic vibrators have a relatively low service life.

Such as filling machine, coating machine, leak meter, feeder, conveyor belt, dehydration separation, particle suspension and so on. Widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, feed, ceramics, glass, cement, fuel and other powder processing industries; and a variety of models to suit.

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