The Origin Of The Impact Crusher
Aug 16, 2018

The history of the impact crusher can be traced back to the 1950s, and the birth of the world's first jaw crusher has been a long time. With the development of productivity, the jaw crusher can not fully meet the needs of the crushing technology, so on the basis of the jaw crusher, people have designed the impact crusher.

In 1924, the Germans first developed the single- and double-rotor impact crushers. The structure of the crusher at that time was similar to that of the modern squirrel-cage crusher, because it was structurally or functionally analyzed. It has the characteristics of a counter crusher. Since the material needs repeated impact, the crushing process can be freely and unobstructed, but due to the limitation of the feeding force and the ability of the impact crusher, the model is gradually transformed into a squirrel cage crusher.

In 1942, the German Andreson invented the AP series impact crusher similar in structure to the modern impact crusher based on the structural characteristics and working principle of the hammer crusher of the squirrel cage crusher. Thanks to the high production efficiency of this type of impact crusher, it can handle relatively large materials, and its simple structure and convenient maintenance. Therefore, this type of impact crusher has been rapidly developed. Along with the improvement of the crushing and screening theory and the further development of technology, a variety of high-performance impact crushers are also emerging. With the continuous development of international technology, large-scale crushing and screening equipment has been developed very well.

Until the end of the 1980s, China introduced the KHD hard rock impact crusher to fill the domestic gap, but it has been behind for more than 20 years. The domestic hard rock impact crusher was initially imported with its core parts hammer. The domestically produced hammer was listed as a ministerial scientific research project during the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period. After the project was successful, the domestic plate hammer not only replaced the import, but also A large number of exports to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries. The breakthrough of wear-resistant materials makes the hard rock impact crusher even more powerful. For example, in order to improve the quality of highway construction in China, the Ministry of Communications has proposed scientific research projects for pavement concrete and stone crushing stations, and listed them in the national “eighth five” research project. The trial production equipment of the project failed in the use of a construction site in Northeast China. The user uses the hard rock impact crusher to produce stone materials, which fully meets the requirements of highway anti-skid concrete. So the hard rock impact crusher has a strong reputation. Shanghai once owned this kind of equipment as a necessary condition for bidding to undertake road construction. According to statistics, hard rock impact crushers have been used as road surface stone preparation equipment in road construction in various provinces and cities across the country to crush hard materials such as basalt and andesite with compressive strength up to 300 MPa, and to achieve grading below 19.6 mm. Stone. Its needle-like percentage content is less than 10%

The development of the national economy is bound to drive the rise of some infrastructure. The construction of China's infrastructure has entered a boom. Therefore, under such a background, it will inevitably promote the progress of China's mining machinery market. Taking the sand and gravel industry as an example, due to projects such as railways, a large amount of mechanical sand and concrete aggregates are required in the development process. And in the days to come, whether it is road or construction engineering, there are high requirements for sand aggregates (or concrete aggregates), and the requirements for grain size and quality are becoming more and more strict. What is the counter-attack device to help the sand and gravel industry to complete the construction demand? Based on the strict requirements of construction sand, and in order to open up a broader market, the new HCP and HCS high-efficiency impact crusher is used in a complete set of hard-wear sand and gravel production lines. It is used for advanced crushing and normal operation of the entire production line. At this time, the emergence of a new type of counterattack.

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