Hammer Crusher Failure And Elimination
Aug 17, 2018

1, the bearing is overheated

Cause: Insufficient grease; excessive grease; deterioration of grease contamination; bearing damage.

Remedy: Add a proper amount of grease; the grease in the bearing should be 50% of its space volume; clean the bearing; replace the grease; replace the bearing.

2, the discharge granularity is too large

Cause: The hammer is too worn; the screen is broken.

Remedy: Replace the hammer head; replace the screen.

3. Reduced output

Cause: The gap of the sieve is blocked; the feeding is uneven.

Remedy: Stop, clean the blockage in the gap of the screen; adjust the feeding mechanism.

4, the elastic coupling produces a knocking sound

Cause: the pin is loose; the elastic ring is worn;

Remedy: Stop and tighten the pin nut; replace the elastic ring.

5, the inside of the machine produces a knocking sound

Cause: Non-crushed material enters the inside of the machine; the lining fasteners are loose, the hammer hits the lining; the hammer or other parts break.

Remedy: Stop, clean the crushing chamber; check the fastening of the lining and the gap between the hammer and the screen; replace the broken parts.

6, machine vibration

Reason: When the hammer is replaced or the cone is worn, the static balance of the rotor is not satisfactory; the hammer is broken, the rotor is out of balance; the pin shaft is bent and broken; the triangular disk or the disc is cracked; the anchor bolt is loose.

Remedy: remove the hammer head and select the hammer head according to the weight, so that the total weight of the hammer on each hammer shaft is equal to the total weight of the hammer on the hammer shaft, that is, the static balance meets the requirements; replace the hammer head; replace the pin shaft; Repair or replace; tighten the anchor bolts.

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