Vibrating feeder
Aug 16, 2018

The vibrating feeder is also called the vibrating feeder. In the production process, the vibrating feeder can feed the block and granular materials uniformly, regularly and continuously from the storage bin to the receiving device, and continuously and evenly feed the crushing machine in the gravel production line. And coarse screening of materials, widely used in metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industries in the crushing, screening and joint equipment.

basic introduction

Performance characteristics

The feeder is an advanced feeding device with economic and technical indicators. Compared with other feeding devices, it has the following characteristics: 1 small size, light weight, simple structure; 2 convenient installation and maintenance, low operating cost; 3 high efficiency; The feeding capacity is large; 4 low noise is beneficial to improve the working environment; 5 less power consumption and high power factor; 6 the device works in a far super resonance state, so the amplitude is stable, the operation is reliable, and the adaptability to various materials is strong. ; 7 Add ingredients to adjust the eccentric block to easily adjust the feed amount steplessly. Simple structure, uniform feeding, good continuous performance, adjustable exciting force; easy to change and control flow at any time, easy to operate; eccentric block is excitation source, low noise, low power consumption, good regulation performance, no punching phenomenon; The enclosed body prevents dust pollution, smooth vibration, reliable operation and long service life.

Equipment structure

In the gravel production line, the crusher can be continuously and evenly fed to avoid clogging of the crusher receiving port. The machine uses the eccentric mass in the vibrator to generate centrifugal force, so that the movable part such as the sieve box and the vibrator acts as a forced continuous circular or approximately circular motion. The material is continuously thrown with the screen box on the inclined screen surface, and the material is continuously and uniformly sent to the receiving port.

Equipment advantage

1. The vibration is stable and the work is reliable.

2. The gap of the grid is adjustable.

3, more wear parts.

4, special grid design, to prevent material blockage.

5, to prevent wear parts from being worn by small materials, to separate small materials and increase production.

6, optional variable frequency speed control motor, adjust the frequency, thus changing the output, easy to control the amount of feed, no need to start the motor frequently.

7, high starting frequency

(1) Consider the entire production line, and ease the pressure of smashing and counterattacking. (2) Avoid frequent startup of high-power equipment.

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