The main components of Jaw Crusher
Aug 16, 2018


The frame is a four-wall rigid frame with an upper and lower opening. It is used to support the eccentric shaft and bear the reaction force of the broken material. It requires sufficient strength and rigidity. It is generally cast in cast steel, and the small machine can also replace the cast steel with high-quality cast iron. The frame of the mainframe needs to be cast in sections, and then bolted together to form a whole, and the casting process is complicated. The frame of the homemade small jaw crusher can also be welded with thick steel plates, but the rigidity is poor.

2. Seesaw and side guard

Both the fixed and the squat are composed of a trampoline and a seesaw, which is the working part and is fixed to the trampoline with bolts and wedge iron. The fixed boring machine is the front wall of the frame, and the dynamic boring machine is hung on the circumference. It must have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing reaction force, so it is mostly cast steel or cast iron.

3. Transmission parts

The eccentric shaft is the main shaft of the crusher and is made of high carbon steel due to its large bending torque. The eccentric portion shall be finished, heat treated, and the bearing lining shall be cast with babbitt. The eccentric shaft is equipped with a pulley at one end and a flywheel at the other end.

4. Adjustment device

The adjustment device has wedge type, pad type and hydraulic type, generally adopts wedge type, consisting of two wedges before and after, the front wedge can move back and forth to withstand the rear push plate; the rear wedge is adjustable wedge, which can be used up and down Move, the slope of the two wedges is reversely fitted, and the screw moves the rear wedge up and down to adjust the size of the discharge port. The discharge port adjustment of the small jaw crusher is realized by increasing or decreasing the amount of gasket between the thrust plate support and the frame.

5. Flywheel

The flywheel of the jaw crusher is used to store the energy during the hollowing stroke, and then used for industrial formation, so that the work of the machine tends to be uniform. The pulley also plays the role of a flywheel. The flywheel is often made of cast iron or cast steel, and the flywheel of the minicomputer is often made in one piece. Flywheel manufacturing, pay attention to static balance when installing.

6. Lubrication device

Eccentric shaft bearings are usually lubricated with concentrated circulation. The support surfaces of the mandrel and the thrust plate are generally greased by a manual oil gun using grease. The swing angle of the moving jaw is very small, which makes the lubrication between the mandrel and the bearing bush difficult. Usually, a plurality of axial oil grooves are opened at the bottom of the bearing bush, and a ring is opened in the middle to connect the oil groove, and then the oil pump is used to force the dry butter to be lubricated.

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