G-PEX jaw crusher
Aug 16, 2018

product description: 

ZG-PEX jaw crusher ( jaw crusher) is most suitable for crushing ore, rock and slag with a compressive strength not higher than 280Mpa. Mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramics and other industrial sectors for medium and fine crushing of various medium hard ores and rocks. The ZG-PEX series of crushers has become the undisputed world's most popular jaw crusher. When considering the efficient crushing of hard and strong abrasive materials, we should first select the ZG-PEX series jaw crusher that adopts the most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level in the world.

Performance characteristics:

1. Adopt world-class manufacturing technology and select the highest-end materials.

2, more advanced dynamic assembly, making it more durable. The movable jaw assembly is constructed of high quality cast steel and is driven by two large cast steel flywheels. In addition, the heavy-duty eccentric shafts are also machined from forged billets, all of which make the ZG-PEX series jaw crushers exceptionally reliable.

3. The bearing seat adopts integral cast steel structure. The integral cast steel housing ensures complete mating with the crushing frame and greatly enhances the radial strength of the housing, while split housings do not.

4. With the finite element analysis technology, the crusher has higher strength.

5. The crushing chamber adopts a symmetrical "V" shape structure, so that the actual feed port width is consistent with the nominal feed port width.

6. The discharge opening adjustment is quicker and more convenient. The ZG-PEX series jaw crusher is equipped with a wedge discharge opening adjustment device that is simpler, safer and faster than the old-fashioned gasket adjustment.

7. The bearing specifications are larger and the bearing capacity is higher. ZG-PEX series jaw crushers are equipped with larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings than other crushers of the same size. Their higher load carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seals greatly extend bearing life.

8. The newly adopted toothed guard plate increases the effective length of the seesaw and the output is higher.

working principle:

The crushing method of the jaw crusher is a curved extrusion type. The working principle is as follows: the motor drives the belt and the pulley, and the eccentric shaft is used to swing the front and rear of the movable jaw. When the movable jaw pushes the moving jaw to move to the fixed jaw, the material is crushed or crushed. When the moving jaw and the moving jaw are retracted under the action of the eccentric shaft and the spring, the material that has been previously crushed or crushed is discharged from the lower discharge opening of the jaw. As the motor rotates continuously, the crushing motor is periodically crushed and discharged to achieve mass production.

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