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Hammer Crusher Hammer Head

Hysan offers an extensive range of hammer crusher parts, in a variety of profiles, for many manufacturer's models and applications. Please contact us or our local representative to see if we can support your crusher.

Hysan provides wear-resistant spare parts (crusher spare parts) for jaw, impact and cone crushers. Worn parts significantly reduce a crushing plants throughput and working efficiency. To avoid this loss, high-quality Hysan spare parts should be installed in your crusher equipment. Our crusher spare parts are high quality, high-manganese steel castings which increases wear resistance resulting in a longer working lifetime.
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If you want to maximize equipment performance and service life, it is imperative to utilize high quality spare parts.  All Hysan crushers and spare parts are manufactured using high quality, wear-resistant material, meticulously controlled processes and advanced machining technology.  This results in high quality parts which results in a longer service life.


First, the chemical composition of our base material is stable.  Next, the heat treatment and finish machining gives the parts high strength and good wear-resistance.  Finally, our quality control and inspection processes make sure the fit and finish are to design.  This is the Hysan mandate- we supply customer’s spare parts, for most crusher models, that meet, and hopefully exceed, the customers’ performance and quality expectations.


The alloy steel material that be crushed by hammer crusher is a tremendous difference. The crusher has different forms and hammers. In the condition of crush hard and tough material such as iron raw, Our high Cr bimetal hammer could bear the cutting from the material but easy be come off or break for the hammer’s toughness property is not good. Though the toughness of supper Mn steel is higher but the wear resistant property is not enough. So hammer and blow bar made from high Mn imbedding cemented carbide is the best choice.



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